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Born in Wales. Made for the Outdoors

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Back in 2012 when Terra Peak was founded we could not have wished for a better location to base an outdoor brand name.


North wales and Outdoor kit go hand in hand and we have the opportunity to test, develop and perfect all our products right here in the heart of Snowdonia.


We work closely with experienced outdoor enthusiasts and Mountaineers to ensure all our packs are fit for purpose and won't let you down when you need them most. We firmly believe that Good quality kit does not have to break the bank but at the same time it needs to be reliable no matter the costs. This is why all of our packs go through strict product testing in the environment and conditons that they are designed to perform in.


The detailed feedback we get from both our product testers and our customers goes back into the developmnent process to ensure that our end products meet both yours and our high standards.

On a side note we do take our work very seriously, but some days when you look around you and realise that this is your office for the day, you sometimes have to pinch yourself as it sometimes doesn’t feel like work at all.



Born in Wales - Made for the Outdoors

Outdoor products designed and tested in the heart of Snowdonia

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